Thursday, May 15, 2008

Soaker Insanity

I bought some beautiful yarn from Snarky Designs. Omgosh that's MY yarn on the front!! Totally! Way cool. So I decided to make Lucy a wool soaker to go over her cloth diapers. I found a free pattern and it said it was a size large. Lucy's a big girl. She's 6 months old and wears med/large-large cloth diapers aka size 4 huggies. So I'm knitting it. It's looking big but I'm a novice to knitting and this is my first soaker so I figure it'll be ok. NOT! It's done flat and you seam up the sides. I'm actually SEAMING THE SIDES when I decide to frog it (rip it) and do it again. The rise (length from back edge to top edge) came out to 26 inches!! Lucy's is only ohh half that?? Ok looked it up she's 17 inches in rise. Yes I even did a swatch to check my stitches.

So I'm going to do curly purly's basic plain wrap. Wish me luck!