Monday, February 11, 2008

NOT Updated List of diaper FSOT

If interested please drop me an email as this is not updated with sold/traded diapers. Been busy. :)
I am mainly looking for paypal, girly fitteds or medium BSWWs. Maybe consider circular needles. I don't like susan bates or boye. So far I love hiya hiyas and addi's. I do not discount for anything except for maybe if you buy in bulk. Diapers are listed at the prices I paid for them a mere 3 months ago. I research what diapers are currently selling for, also, when I'm listing them. I am confident my prices are fair. I ran an online cloth diaper resale site for about 5 years and owned/operated for a year.

Listing soon!! bsww and prowrap covers.

Kissaluv size 0 lavender sold. GUC Maybe very very light staining. I don't see any though.

1 lime (sold), 1 natural Kissaluv size 0 GUC $7 ppd each, all have very faint discoloration
KL 0's lime & peach 7 ppd
lime and peach inner (one lime not shown)
Kissaluvs Sz 0 Lime/peach inner
natural outer and inner
natural KL0 7 ppd
natural inner
$7 fitted peewells small
$7 ppd peewells fitted small
$7 ppd peewells fitted small

PENDING-used small swaddlebees pockets
Originally uploaded by MamaNak
PENDING $7 ea shipped
2 yellows
1 mint green
1 white
no inserts
funded paypal

Sm mums bums fitted has sm wear holes $6 ppd
$6 PPD Mums Bums Sm fitted
inner mums bums
Mums Bums inner

Nb fitteds used
Originally uploaded by MamaNak swaddlebees-gone
striped whippersnappers pocket (needs insert) fitted $7 ppd
country cozy's flannel fitted faded but still totally useable$6 ppd
funded paypal

Thursday, February 7, 2008

here a knit there a knit...

All kinds of knitting fun! My hubby went by Marie's, The Fiber Station and bought me a pair of hiya hiya's size 1 40 inch. UGH my first time to that site. I didn't know they were made in china. UGH UGH UGH. Gee guess I'll have to buy another pair of addi's.

Speaking of addi's. A very nice woman I met through Ravelry GAVE me a pair of addi turbos!! Size 2. I'm SOO excited. Thank you MrsH!

Then my husband went back to The Fiber Station and bought me some gorgeous handspun superwash bamboo/merino yarn. Marie dyed it herself.

And my mama gave me a bunch of sock yarn. Of course, since she usually just knits barbie items there isn't enough of each color for a pair of socks so I will have to do some funky striping. I can't wait.

Let's see there is Paton's Kroy Socks, 2 skeins of coal and 2 skeins of mallard. Then a skein of grass and a skein of purple from KnitPicks. Then 4 skeins in pink, white, slate blue and blue ofLang Yarns.

Stash of crap yarn. I use my crap yarn for washcloths, hot pads and amigurumi.

It's actually much larger but that's what I'm currently working with or plan on soon. I don't have start-n-abandon-itis. I just have plan-to-itis.

I finished Livie's kindergarden teacher's Valentine washcloth.

Click the picutre for the pattern. There are hearts on the cloth but you can't see it in my picture.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Get your badge!

I saw this on radioactivegirl's blog and I had to have one. Of course, there isn't a children's cancer badge so I'll have to request one.

Here's one for cancer survivors and their caregivers. We fall under that category. :)

Oh to keep this yarn related I met radioactivegirl on Ravelry.