Sunday, January 16, 2011

Been two long years

Ugh almost 2 years!! Alot has happened. I have half of one sock on the needles since May 2009. Why? I was divorced December 2009. I'm now a single mama of 3. I have a great boyfriend who I've been with 5 months. I adore him and I think he might have me on a pedestal. That's alright with me! After 12 years of marriage that went stale it's nice to feel loved again. I'm back to knitting. I've made the bf a hat, the pretend MIL a pair of socks. Getting ready to make another hat for the bf. I am partaking in a Pay It Forward where I have to make 5 things for people. Good thing I have a year and amigurumi toys are quick and easy! I've reconnected with my old high school best friend. We are in college together. Funny after about 15 years of not speaking. I'm sort of teaching (confusing her more like) to knit. I hope to update this more often again.