Thursday, February 7, 2008

here a knit there a knit...

All kinds of knitting fun! My hubby went by Marie's, The Fiber Station and bought me a pair of hiya hiya's size 1 40 inch. UGH my first time to that site. I didn't know they were made in china. UGH UGH UGH. Gee guess I'll have to buy another pair of addi's.

Speaking of addi's. A very nice woman I met through Ravelry GAVE me a pair of addi turbos!! Size 2. I'm SOO excited. Thank you MrsH!

Then my husband went back to The Fiber Station and bought me some gorgeous handspun superwash bamboo/merino yarn. Marie dyed it herself.

And my mama gave me a bunch of sock yarn. Of course, since she usually just knits barbie items there isn't enough of each color for a pair of socks so I will have to do some funky striping. I can't wait.

Let's see there is Paton's Kroy Socks, 2 skeins of coal and 2 skeins of mallard. Then a skein of grass and a skein of purple from KnitPicks. Then 4 skeins in pink, white, slate blue and blue ofLang Yarns.

Stash of crap yarn. I use my crap yarn for washcloths, hot pads and amigurumi.

It's actually much larger but that's what I'm currently working with or plan on soon. I don't have start-n-abandon-itis. I just have plan-to-itis.

I finished Livie's kindergarden teacher's Valentine washcloth.

Click the picutre for the pattern. There are hearts on the cloth but you can't see it in my picture.

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