Monday, February 11, 2008

NOT Updated List of diaper FSOT

If interested please drop me an email as this is not updated with sold/traded diapers. Been busy. :)
I am mainly looking for paypal, girly fitteds or medium BSWWs. Maybe consider circular needles. I don't like susan bates or boye. So far I love hiya hiyas and addi's. I do not discount for anything except for maybe if you buy in bulk. Diapers are listed at the prices I paid for them a mere 3 months ago. I research what diapers are currently selling for, also, when I'm listing them. I am confident my prices are fair. I ran an online cloth diaper resale site for about 5 years and owned/operated for a year.

Listing soon!! bsww and prowrap covers.

Kissaluv size 0 lavender sold. GUC Maybe very very light staining. I don't see any though.

1 lime (sold), 1 natural Kissaluv size 0 GUC $7 ppd each, all have very faint discoloration
KL 0's lime & peach 7 ppd
lime and peach inner (one lime not shown)
Kissaluvs Sz 0 Lime/peach inner
natural outer and inner
natural KL0 7 ppd
natural inner
$7 fitted peewells small
$7 ppd peewells fitted small
$7 ppd peewells fitted small

PENDING-used small swaddlebees pockets
Originally uploaded by MamaNak
PENDING $7 ea shipped
2 yellows
1 mint green
1 white
no inserts
funded paypal

Sm mums bums fitted has sm wear holes $6 ppd
$6 PPD Mums Bums Sm fitted
inner mums bums
Mums Bums inner

Nb fitteds used
Originally uploaded by MamaNak swaddlebees-gone
striped whippersnappers pocket (needs insert) fitted $7 ppd
country cozy's flannel fitted faded but still totally useable$6 ppd
funded paypal

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