Monday, March 3, 2008


I so want this yarn! Seriously! But unfortunately it's sold out. :(

I have been working on the same pair of socks since the beginning of February. They are green and violet. Knitpicks yarn. Using Silver's pattern. I am doing it magic loop.

The first one the toes are way too tight. I guess I knit extremely tight. It took me nigh on forever to knit the first one. I had to frog the heel several times because I just couldn't get it right. So then I got it right and the sock was too short! ARGH. So I had to frog it AGAIN and make the foot length longer. The second sock I cast on more and am consciously knitting looser. I'm knitting away when I realize I forgot to do the stripe. Sigh. I was 10 rows past it. So now I'm tinking. Tinking is Knitting backwards.

I am never going to have a matching pair of socks!!

I wanted to knit me a curtain for my kitchen window but I just do terrible at patterns. I am distracted too much by my children. So I am now crocheting a curtain. Much easier for me.

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Genuine-Lye said...

Hey, you could always search on Ravelry in the Destash to get the yarn for your socks. People have lots of yarn that they might not even have posted on the site yet. I have this bag of absolutely ugly Lopic kurli lamb that my mom picked up a thrift store---it's discontinued, probably from sheer ugliness, but if someone posted about wanting it, I could definitely arrange a trade!