Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A whole new language

I am learning so many new words on Ravelry. Well, of course, I'm learning all kinds of knitting terms such as frogging (ripping out knitted work), tinking (knitting backwards), k2tog, etc. Then there is snarky (kinda like sarcastic-bitchy). Then there is this site of "internet kitties". They spell the "teh" and put a "z" for the letter s and other annoying bad internet grammer.

I've been reading and posting in a group with a meaningless-to-all-members-but-the creators-name. It has something to do with parenting and someone annoying. I have no idea who. Yeah we get childish.

Its a nice change to "talk" to other parents who parent differently than me and even NONparents. We're doing a mystery swap. I don't know why I joined lol. I have a hard time shopping for people I know well let alone someone I don't know at all. Then to boot my paypal is messed up and will only let me pay by echeck or my credit card and I don't use my credit card and echeck takes a few days. Finally got that straightened out but it will still take a couple of days before I can instant pay through my checking acct. I hope I get it all here on time to mail out as one package to my swappee.

Got to cut this short. Kid's doctor appt at 2:30.

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