Monday, February 23, 2009

Spiderman Blanket

Thank goodness I read the forum posts on this first. The pattern has you knitting front/back post then at line 15 you are to make one before you knit the first stitch. I don’t know if I would have problems with it but someone did and because I read about it first I definitely didn’t. I just made one as described at by lifting the bar from the stitches below. I also am using stitch markers between each set of repeats so I don’t get lost since I get interrupted frequently. I also took the time to write out the rest of the pattern, which I will put in my blog so I can mark off where I’m at. Since this is a bday present for my son I have to cram it into hiding if he comes in the room so it’s nice to be able to see where I’m at.
spiderman, knitted, blanket, afghan

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Susie said...

My mom made this blanket for my son for Christmas! It came out really nice!