Saturday, January 3, 2015

On a knitting bender

Finally in the mood to knit for the first time in years. Almost 2 years ago I promised to make sock tops to wear on/over the top of boots to go with a kilt for a friend. I hate knitting on demand! I just can't do it. In exchange he sent me a gc to my favorite online store, The Loopy Ewe. I never even looked at the gc because I never really did the project. I started it then promptly set it aside. For almost two years. The knitting bug hit me in the beginning of December. I started a pair of socks out of my Wicked yarn following the On Hold pattern out of my Wendy Johnson book. Unfortunately all the patterns in that book are for bigger feet and even though I tried adjusting to fit my feet better they were still coming out way too wide. So on December 25th I frogged them. How sad.
So then I started over following the Fairy Tale pattern by Armida Joy. I wanted to make knee highs. I ended up NOT using the pattern but came up with my own simple stitch pattern. I just wanted/needed to know what to do for the calf mostly. I got as far as the heels (started toe up 2 at a time of course) and guilt got the best of me. So then I started looking for sock top patterns.
I found John Anderson's kilt hose sock pattern. Even though I'm not actually doing socks, just the fold over top, I am using this pattern to help me figure out what I need to do. I hope they come out right. I'm almost done with the first one. I ended up buying more yarn through a rav fs board because I'm afraid I won't have enough from just one skein. I hope I've at least enough for the fold over part of the second sock top. The rest of the sock top will be tucked down inside his boots so won't be visible.
The previously mentioned pair of socks in a previous post back in 2011, I think it was, are still on the needles. Someday I might finish them. OH the gc I used to buy Tumbleweed Yarn, Aurora Self-Striping Sidewalk Sand. BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait until it gets here! Of course, then I have to still finish these kilt sock tops and my wicked socks.

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