Friday, June 20, 2008

Soaker #4 (FS btw)

I remade the soaker. I went up a couple of needle sizes and also a few stitches. Still came out too small for FatsyPatsy. GARRRGH! I had added some yarn over short rows
so the bum was perfect. The short rows make it roomier. But FP's chubby legs are just too round. Can't get it up over her cankles. So I have one beautiful, not quite perfect, girly size medium wool soaker for sale. Rise 16 inches and waist about the same. I will post pics and actual measurements shortly. Lucy is 20 lbs and too fat by a couple of pounds for it. Need a scrawnier 20 lber or a lighter weight fat baby for this soaker.
I paid probably about 8 bucks for the yarn?

Soaker info: rise 16-16.5, waist 16 inch at rest-22 stretched out. Thigh-8 inches $15 ppd

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Katie said...

Hey april, try the pattern in Ravelry by Crafty Galore, I have it in my notebook. Fantastic, very much like the one you've made but not the point. It joins @ the crotch. Sorry to hear you had to frog it, nice work