Monday, June 16, 2008

Soaker Insanity #3

Well, number 3 was going beautifully. Til it came out TOO small. I used cascade220 shrimp color 7804 and's fantasia 2. So soft and beautiful. So I frogged it. Completely back to the beginning. I was so sad. I had nearly finished it! I got to sit for about 2 hours last night while dh watched a movie and held a sleeping Lucy and knit. Usually I knit in 5 or 10 minute increments. With 3 kids, one of them newly potty learned and the other one 7 months old, knitting time is sparse. So it'll probably be at least another week before it's even close to being done. Oh the pattern I'm doing is a very basic top down, triangle, flat knit pattern. I am doing the size with 90 cast on stitches. My problem was I co only 88 on needles two sizes smaller than the pattern says to. I totally suck at trying to customize. If I had cast on on size 3 like it says to the waist would have been perfect.

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