Monday, December 10, 2007

just starting out

i'm a knitting mama with a newborn. I'm honestly not a bad speller or typist but I'm generally NAK. Which means, Nursing At Keyboard, so excuse typos and such. Guess that could mean Nursing And Knitting. :)

So far I have made: matching hat and scarf, baby santa hat.....Guess that's it for finished projects. OTN I have a Christmas scarf intended for one of my kids' teachers. A dishcloth with praying hands but I think it's messed up. Was intended for MIL but if it's messed up it will go to my 6 y/o for her babies as a blanket. I started to make a caterpillar but frogged it and moved on to the previously mentioned dishcloth.

Will do pics later. Have a sleeping baby on lap and 2 kids who are suppose to be asleep but keep getting out of bed.

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