Saturday, December 29, 2007


I made a baby sized pair of socks on dpns!! I only have one set of 4 dpns size 3. So I am limited to what I can do. Now I am making ME a pair of socks. Just got done with the heel turn and gussets on a cuff down pair. I'm making them ankle high because that's what I like to wear. :)

A nice lady in my town is giving me Addi's size two circs and I can't wait to get a chance to go over there. Yesterday I was going to but everyone is sick and it snowed.

Speaking of yesterday and snow....and mother and I were suppose to go to our LYS for a Spin, knit whatever or maybe it's knit spin whatever...anyway whatever!! It snowed. My mother couldn't even get out to the highway from her house. :( We were both so totally bummed!! So at the LYS I have a pair of hiyahiyas and sock yarn waiting for me plus a free ML knitting lesson.

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