Saturday, December 15, 2007

Needle Frustration

I have very few needles and seems none of the needles I need to do the projects I want to do. It's about an hour away to the nearest real store that would sell more than 2 kinds of needles. All I have is Walmart and I already bought everything they have. They only have one length in the circulars. All smaller straight needles are 14 inch and I don't like those. If it's not icey out it's snowing. If the roads are clear I have too much running to do for the kids. Starting to feel a bit bahhumbugish.

Where can I buy needles online for a fair price? I'm too broke to get the fancy expensive ones but I would love a set of those swappable circulars. Any suggestions on a kit that doesn't break the bank?

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Anonymous said...

I reccommend Knitpicks. I got their double point set for Christmas this year and I've heard good things about their interchangeable circular set. (I saw your blog link on the peoria nursing moms group. Your youngest daughter was born 1 day after mine!)