Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fetching Prattle

Ok so I'm really loving this pattern. It is fast and easy. I don't even need to follow the pattern anymore it's that easy to memorize. And it's super easy to modify. Add rows, add cables, switch up the ribbing, I'm doing a different thumb than the pattern calls for. I got the idea from another knitter on It's in the comments section of the pattern there on Ravelry. I have to cast on 40 instead of 45 and I use a larger needle for the cast on. I then arrange the cast on stitches onto one long cable for magic loop. This latest pair I'm doing stripes. I'm halfway up the palm. I will probably be done tomorrow with these and hopefully get to remake the ones done in Hardly. I don't like how the hardly ones turned out. They're huge and I don't like the pink trim. So if you are interested in doing fingerless mitts or want to learn how to do cables this pattern is a great one for both! I highly recommend checking out the ravelry comments section for the optional thumb.

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Anonymous said...

Knitting Fetching can be addictive, have you seen the Dashing pattern. It is a longer version of Fetching.
Ideal when you push a stroller around the cold.