Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finished Fetchings!

Here are my notes from Rav.

Melanie-hardly-finished 12/6-one at a time, 45 cast on, came out big
Pat-choc/pink-finished 12/9, 2 @ a time, 40 cast on just right (for me anyway!)
12/10 cast on “nuts” for Erin
12/12 cast on rose and choc, first stripes attempt, 2 @ a time magic loop. Forgot to do cable round. Will have to frog some.
12/15 finished 4 pairs but will try to redo the hardly pair as they are HUGE and ugly with the trim.
12/18 all FIVE pairs are done! I made another pair of hardly without the hot pink trim. I had to do the thumb in the hot pink because I did run out of hardly but they’re all done! All of them! WOOHOO
The hardly pair, after blocking look like blocks! They look awful and are huge! I will have to remake these if I have time.

My tips on making Fetching would be to cast on 40 on larger needles and knit loosely especially the cables. Do the optional thumb that is in the comments section of the pattern. I will try to remember to copy and paste it here. Also do these magic loop two at a time so they come out the same. I had such a great time making these as I could switch it up and make each pair different.

Optional thumb:Starting at the 5th row after the last wrist cable row:
Row 5: k2, m1, k2, p1, continue in 4x1 ribbing.
next row and all alternate rows, knit 4x1 ribbing and k new stitches picked up for gusset.
Row 7: k2, m1, k1, m1, k2, p1 continue in 4x1 ribbing
Row 9: k2, m1, K3, m1, k2, p1 continue in 4x1 ribbing
Repeat the increase rows alternated with regular rows until you have added 15 new stitches.
Then: k2, put 15 new stitches onto waste yarn, k2, p1, continue in 4x1 ribbing and follow pattern through picot bind off.
To Make thumb: pick up 15 live stitches off waste yarn, pick up 2 stitches and finish thumb as directed. This makes a nice comfortable thumb gusset. The gusset adds some width, so for those with smaller hands, you may want to consider starting the pattern with 40 stitches instead of 45.

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