Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My next projects will be...

Becca, sister of the hat thief Griffin, has picked out this hat. I am actually quite proud of myself because I had picked that pattern out at one point in time to make HER a hat but never got around to it. She has also chosen's black and cyan. Jason's rib-a-roni hat is made from that colorway. It's somewhere else on this blog if you must see the color. I also have to replace Levi's rib-a-roni hat that Griffin wore home. Levi chose's colors pink and choc. The same one's that the fetchings are made of, also in another post on here. As open minded as I try to be I just can't let my 4 year old boy wear a pink and brown hat to school. So he chose this

Also from Yes I have alot of PW. Being a newbieknitter I have a rather smallish stash. Since I have a smallish house and knit slow I am pretty good at not buying more yarn til I need to. Sort of.


KellyS said...

Like the opposing color combo!
Why don't you make yourself a shawl, but maybe not entrelac?

April Dawn said...

But I want to try entrelac. :) I don't like most shawls. I'm not a shawl person. I love the himalayan because it looks more like a blanket.