Thursday, January 22, 2009

Knitting fears

What are you afraid of? Is there a project you've been wanting to tackle but afraid to try? A new technique?

I would love to make something with a fancy design. Some lacy knee high socks or shawl. I am afraid to try for a couple of reasons. I don't get enough quiet time to concentrate on a "real" pattern. My yarn over socks are about as fancy as I've ever gotten. I have it memorized and it's simple. But a pattern that requires me to follow it to a T and I have to have a piece of paper to look at, well, with 3 little ones who write on and rip up everything it's difficult to do. Not to mention how many times in a day I get up to do something. No sooner than I get into a project someone needs a drink or their butt wiped. Now, if the buttwipee is the 4 y/o and the 7 y/o is home for a buck she'll do it for me. :)So, my fear is complicated patterns. I know my day will come when the youngest will start school so for now I'm happy to make hats, socks, etc. But I do look forward to doing a real grown up project.

My other fear is I'll buy semi expensive yarn to make a semi complicated object and screw it up. Like I have two projects I really should frog (fisherman's socks are one of the projects) but I've put so many hours into it that the thought of frogging it is actually quite upsetting!

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Karen said...

Hmmm, first, don't fear frogging. It can be sad a first, but once it's done it feels like a weight has been lifted. And as for "fancy knitting", you can do it!!! You will find it's easier than you think it will be. Once you have a little quite time, you'll be on your way.

I fear color-work. But I've decided I'm going to try it. As soon as I get my WIPs cleared up, I'm going to give stranded mittens a whirl!! :)

Susie said...

i also am scared of color work! Frogging is fun.. it's like cleaning the house and purging all the clutter!