Friday, January 9, 2009

projects current and in the future

I stayed up way too late getting my pretty pair of socks started. Oh yeah I lied about my next project, didn't I? I still plan on doing the entrelac shawl but I need to figure out what yarn to use. I also have some birthdays in the next few months I need to knit for.

For Levi's 5th birthday (swoon five years) I am making him a spider man blanket. I finally just ordered cheap, washable acrylic through It has arrived. He knows it's spiderman yarn and for him. Hopefully I can keep the actual project a secret. Hopefully I'll get it done before April 16th!

I made me another pair of yoga socks. I didn't like the colorway or fit of the first pair so I gave them to my oldest. Then I knit 1/2 of a pair of yoga socks for Levi. He wants everything I make. So he's been running around in one blue yoga sock for a couple of days now. I cast on my second pair immediately following my yoga class on Tuesday. I knit like the wind to get them done for Thursday's class. I cast off as the babysitter arrived at 3:15. I leave at 3:30. I wore them and they were a hit. I made them in100purewool (of course) worsted in the colorway "babies". I'm running low on PW so my options were limited.

Also, a couple of nights ago, dh held Lucy and rocked her to sleep so I could cast on for Yarn Over Cable Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I am using Lorna's Laces in "child's play". It's pastel-y and rainbow-y. Now, normally I hate pastel's. I won't wear them. But socks? They are different matter!

The book gives two options for toes. Oh yes, these are toe up and I will be doing them two at a time for better match when they are done. I cannot knit two items separately and get the same tension. So I have to knit both at the same time. So, I chose the short row toe. I hate wrapped short rows. You'd think I'd remember this. But no. I punish myself. It takes alot of focus and concentration, which on a good night, I don't have. So it took me 3 nights to do the first sock's toe. Last night I managed to finish the toe and do one pattern set on the first sock. Then I tried to go to bed. I tossed and turned. That second sock was calling to me "Cast me on!" So, I tiptoed back out to the living room and to the sound of nothing I cast on and did a couple of rows of the toe. Pure bliss. Oh yes, it also uses the provisional cast on which is pretty cool. Fortunately for my sleep deprived brain the baby started crying so I was forced back to bed where I finally slept (here and there, anyway) til 5:30.

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