Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yoga socks, rib-a-roni and kitty hats

I finished up Becca's kitty hat. It's cute. My MIL, Dee, saw it and has put in a request for one for next year. It seems like it's big but it fits me and Dee. Oh and my hubby. He was an unhappy model. Pics uploading now. I finished up the poms poms on the hat and immediately cast on for my yoga socks. Fast and easy. The only thing that didn't work for me was the two rows knit flat between the ankle and foot of the sock. Just two rows has you knitting in reverse so I did 3 rows then did the knit cast on for the new stitches. Piece of cake. I am using berroco sox yarn in the Lancaster colorway.

Oh I also finished up Levi's replacement hat. It's done in 100purewool, Reign. I think it gives me seizures when I look at it. It fits under his helmet though and I made it a little longer than the mesto hat so it'll fit next winter too. If I can stand to look at it for another winter.

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