Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yarn and needles review

Just a little review from me about Lorna's Laces sock yarn, some bamboo/wool dh bought me a year ago, knitpicks vs hiyahiya needles.

Lorna's Laces. LOVE it! Made from wool and nylon the yarn is soft and slides easily but not too easily through my fingers. No splitting or rough feel to it. Very gentle on my eczema fingers. No irritation. I must buy more!

Dh bought me way too expensive yarn last year from a LYS. It's 75% bamboo, 25% wool. I can't recall now if it's superwash. Oops. Oh well. I'm loving the colors but I hate knitting it. It is super thin (I know, it IS sock yarn) and is rough on my sore fingers. I'm knitting 4 rows then switch to my yarn over cable socks.

I found out the hard way that my size 1 hiya hiya's are smaller than my size 1 knitpicks. I cast on my first sock for yarn over cable socks, got the toe and one pattern set done. Decided to use the hiya hiya to start the second sock and then slipped it over to the knitpicks. The toe is obviously smaller. Oops. At least they are for me. Also, the hiya hiya's feel lightweight flimsy. The knitpicks are lightweight but sturdy. I am doing another pair of socks on the hiyahiya's 2 @ a time, magic loop and I'm not liking it. The cable doesn't seem flexible enough.

So, my picks are Lorna's Laces and knitpicks needles. Which, as luck would have it are the two I'm using on my yarn over cable socks.

I have some


Karen said...

Good reviews!!! I've knit with LL Sport weight for socks for DH and loved it. I have several (ahem) skeins of LL sock in my stash waiting. :)

Never knit with hiya hiyas, but sounds like I'm better off sticking with my beloved Knit Picks!

April Dawn said...

I'm waiting on Peace Fleece from a coop and waiting on the purewool coop to close and then will be waiting a few weeks for those so I can't buy any other yarn for awhile. :(

It seems I was about to say something at the end of my blog and left it hanging. I'm guessing the kids distracted me!