Monday, January 5, 2009

New lead testing law sucks!

Seriously. A new law that says all children's items has to be tested for lead. Sounds great right? What about those moms that make cloth diapers to supplement their income? What about your yard sale next spring? What about those adorable boutique OOAK (one of a kind) ebay clothes you buy? All affected. Toys at the store? Will skyrocket! Please check out the link and pass it on.


Val Jacobsen said...

You need to put the health of children above your love of money. If this law protects only ONE child it will have served it's purpose. Buying a few sets of shirts and shorts won't bankrupt anyone. This law will stimulate the economy. Thank You for caring about the children, President Bush!

April Dawn said...

Actually you are incorrect. It affects everyone from big box stores to web designers due to job loss. Please check out the links for more info. It affects toy makers, sling makers, book sellers, etc, so on and so forth. Many people can and probably will lose jobs, therefore income. How does that stimulate anything? Please do some research. Here's a few of the jobs that will be affected by this law copied from one of the websites listed.
* pattern makers
* sewing contractors
* embroidery companies
* fabric cutters
* retail children’s clothing boutiques
* retail customers (consumers)
* fabric suppliers
* children’s clothing sales representatives
* sewing machine manufacturers
* children’s clothing trade magazines
* children’s clothing trade shows
* web site designers
* graphic artists
* printers (posters, stationery, signs, etc.)
* in-house staff (secretary, bookkeeper, seamstress)
* sample makers
* advertising companies
* public relations firms
* hangtag suppliers
* garment care tag suppliers
* elastic manufacturers
* button manufacturer
* metal snap manufacturers
* thread manufacturers
* zipper manufacturers
* silk screen companies
* bias tape manufacturers
* paper packaging companies
* trade show display companies
* freight companies
* import/export agencies
* federal and state tax agencies
* federal and state licensing agencies
* and hundreds of others

April Dawn said...

And if your comment is a general "your love of money" then fine but if you are directing it at me then you very obviously have no clue who I am or what I'm about. I am a stay at home mom of 3 and I don't make any money and my husband is not in any industry affected by this law.