Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help me choose: Cosmo, Piazzi or Serendipity?

I'm up to the heel, well, almost, up to the heel with my socks currently OTN. That means time to start planning my next pair. Since I'm usually a good girl and don't have a big stash I only have 3 colorways to choose from.

First up is "Serendipity" by Fearless Fibers. 100% superwash merino and an AMAZING 550 yds. Holy smokes. I could make knee highs with that much yardage!

And then there is "Cosmopolitan" by Yarntini. It is only 260 yds. Can I make a pair of socks with only 260 yds??

Then there's my most recent purchase from Sharing/Karen's Heavenly Creations.
Description says "This is a hand dyed hank of blue faced leicester ultra superwash. It is a 3ply finger weight fiber with 400 yards." And here's a link to her Rav profile.

So leave a comment here on the blog or FB or via email and help me choose! I've never knit with any of these brands before either.


Sadie said...

I like the third one... it looks like Lifesavers. :) I like the pineapple ones.

Sadie said...

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Susie said...

i like the blue :)

Beverly said...

I'm going to check out Fearless Fibers. That is super yardage for the money.