Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's a froggy night

Sad news fellow knitters. I had to frog back some on my tye dye socks. I knew they were probably going to be too snug but I forged on to the heel. I did the first heel. Short row, in case you were wondering. And I couldn't get it over my ankle/heel afterwards. Decided to frog back about an inch and a half and finish them up for my oldest. I had her try it on and told her they'd be her socks and she smiled real big. She's such a sweetie. As much as I HATE to frog and am bummed that I don't have another pair of socks to slip on soon I wasn't really liking the colorway. To me "tye dye" should be pooling like a tye dye shirt looks but they weren't pooling at all. They look like regular ole Roy G. Biv or LGB pride socks. So she's happy and I get to start another pair for me. Oh, I'm also doing the Fleegle Heel on these now. It's a new heel for me!

I still haven't decided what to work with next. I think I'm going to save the Fearless Fibers colorway til I feel up to doing thigh highs. I think thigh highs would make the hubby happy. :) But I want QUICK projects. Levi's spiderman blanket about did me in and it only took about 7 or 8 weeks. Oh gasp I haven't updated my rav project page for it yet either. Shame on me! Ok it's updated. Granted I could only work on it when Levi wasn't around and Lucy would cooperate but still. I don't have that type of patience!

I would really like to knit into that brilliant orange Piazza I got from but after doing the Roy G. Biv socks I'd really like a calmer color. I might just start on the Cosmopolitan from Yarntini after all.

Here's today's knitviews.

I should go to bed. We had a busy day and, of course, since it's a holiday we all have a touch of a tummy bug. Just like Thanksgiving. And Christmas (ooh that was REALLY bad) which led into NYE. I think we were healthy for our anniversary/Vday in February! WOOHOO!

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