Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yarn Eagle! Birthday Flop.

Happy Birthday to ME! My eagle of yarn yummy from The Loopy Ewe arrived today. Hmm. Perked me right up after stressing over insurance for Levi's MRI. The perfect antidote for stress. Yarn yummy in the mail! I explained to Sheri at the Loopy Ewe about how I rarely buy "new" yarn, that I buy it generally through Rav's classifieds and if I do buy "new" I do my homework. I told her the yarn I bought was cheaper in price and shipping on the original website. She is looking into it because she said they usually cost the same. I told her I was and still am excited to have shopped her site and plan to do so in the future. I just will only buy if I plan on buying more than one skein because priority mail is too expensive for one skein when I live so close that first class mail arrives in the same amount of time. She then invited me to visit lol. Someday!

Levi wasn't impressed with my 2 months plus of blood, sweat and tears (or at least skipped yoga classes and sore wrists) spent on his spiderman blanket. But who could blame him? 5 year old boys want to play with the monster truck not some silly blanket. I still love it and I know when he's older it will mean something to him. Especially if he ever learns to knit and realizes how long it took me!

I finished the tie dye/Roy G. Biv socks. Oh did I butcher them. Ay yi yi! I frogged back so they'd fit my daughter lengthwise since widthwise they were too tight for me. I then did the Fleegle Heel. I had never done this heel. It added too much length so Liv's toes when the heel was in the proper place on her foot came up to the end of the sock right where the toes ended and the body of the foot started. So I finished up the socks, of course I had to redo the bind off. It was too tight the first time. I don't think I've ever cast off the right tension the first time ever. Then I was looking at them and lamenting that they were too long for her. So I cut the contrasting toes off. Oh yes I did. Hmmhmmm. Yup. I shore did. The first one went rather smoothly. I threaded a needle and went through the first row of MC. Then chopped the yellow toe off, unraveled down to the first row and slipped it onto needles, did a couple of rows of decreases then kitchenered the toes. As usual, I did it bass ackwards. So the toes are purls. Looks crappy but I don't care. By this point I just wanted to be DONE. So feeling confident that I butchered and stitched the first sock just fine I started on the second. I don't know what the difference was but the MC stitch pattern was all screwy. It was like when you unravel something the wrong way? I don't know why it was different from the first sock. At least on the second one I did the kitchener graft correctly. So they are done. Fugly but done. She loves them. :) And that folks, is what knitting is all about. (and the yarn.)

Tomorrow is Levi's MRI and I hope to cast on a pair of socks for him while waiting. I'm going to try and her widdershin hybrid. I've never done this heel but it sounds promising.

Must get all this printed out and ready for tomorrow. Good night. Please say a prayer for my son.

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Daisymum said...

I appreciate the blanket!!! It is so super spidy cute!!!