Saturday, April 11, 2009

Livie sock yarn arrived! & 3 Irish Girls

Livie and I ran to the PO today to pick up her package. Pulled out the first yarn, red heart and sole tequila sunrise, and she was like "Eh, not so much." Ok she didn't verbally say that but her face did. So then I pulled out the Bernat Sox Multi crazy hot and she got a little more animated. Then I realized there should be ONE more yarn cake or skein. Dug around and pulled out the Confetti and she literally shrieked with delight. It has a lot of lime green. I will turn her into a yarn ho/fiber snob! LOL The confetti was the only indie dyed yarn. The other two were manufactured for walmart type stores. So she will be getting a pair of socks in the confetti, Levi will be getting a pair in the Bernat Sox multi and someday I'll get another pair made for me.

Levi's blanket is literally a row and 1/4 away from being done and that's counting the bind off row. I have to crochet vertical lines like spokes and it's DONE!! It takes about 30 minutes per row! Yikes. I'm up to 42 or 44 stitches per section so 44x14 is um....616 around. That's a few stitches! It's actually up to 46 so 644 around. Took me about an hour and 20 minutes to bind off using p1, *slip back to left needle p2tog, slip back to left needle, p2tog*.

Oh today's discovery...naughty me....was 3 Irish Girls. Just going to their homepage makes me want to cry. Click the linky. You know you want to! Someday I am going to join a sock yarn club. I have looked at the 3 Irish Girls and Socks that Rock. ~drool~ Thanks be to God that I do have a little bit of will power. I am forcing myself to wait til the end of the year due to the economy. Dh still has a job and all that and we're luckier than most in that aspect but I don't want to jinx us. So I'm sticking to my "no buy more yarn til I use up most of what I have." Unfortunately I ordered a bunch of 100purewool for next winter's/Christmas knitting so I might not run out for awhile. :( And some of it's sock yarn too. But Mother's Day is coming so maybe I'll send my hubby a linky to my wishlist on the Loopy Ewe.


Beverly said...

Your yarn snob in training has good taste. I've thought about joining a yarn club, but the mere thought of someone picking out my colors makes me ill. I have very definite likes and dislikes and wouldn't want to have too many dislikes coming my way.

April Dawn said...

I do, too. I don't like dark colors to wear and I despise knitting dark colors. It's soo difficult to see the stitches! So that is another reason I'm not too sure on joining any but then again I do tend to knit for others more than for myself. Also, I can always sell later on what I don't like. I dunno.