Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knitting views

So I'm at the massage therapist and as she starts on my arms I mention, of course, that I knit. Not a lot of it every day but I do knit daily. And to prove it I had a huge knot in my arm above my wrist. It's been there at least a year because I've had my dd rub it for me. So we start talking knit talk. She's a beginner knitter. I told her I am too. That I taught myself to knit about a year and a half ago but I've crocheted since I was a kid. She asked me which I like better. I said "Knitting, it looks better and I've always liked the way knit looks over crochet, but crochet's......ea...easier...?" I realized as it was coming out of my mouth that I no longer actually believe that crocheting is easier than knitting! I was always told that if you learn to crochet first then you find knitting more difficult to learn and vice verse. And I thought that was true. I was very intimidated by all the loops on the needles and oh lawdy how do I fix a mistake several rows down? OR drop a stitch?? Oh the horror of horrors! But, now, NOW I can knit without looking! I can FIND my mistakes and drop down to it fix it and it looks sort of ok! And I LIKE that better than ripping alllll the way back like you have to do in crochet. I would just like to know when did I pass that bend in the knitting journey?

Stolen moments of knitting time. I don't get very many opportunities to knit uninterrupted. I have a 16ish month old and she's absolutely fine playing by herself but as SOON as I pick up the needles she's all over me like (oh there has to be a knitting term I can use...)....oh do I have the best daughter or what? My 7 y/o just walked up and started rubbing my foot. What was I saying? Anyway, toddler=no knitting. I finally figured out that after lunch and during my daily dose of brain rot brought on by Days of Our Lives, if I close the gate to the living room she will go play in the kitchen and I can knit for about 20 minutes. Desperate to finish my son's blanket before the 16th I try to do this every school day. Friday I was almost busted by my son. He gets home at 2ish which Days is over at 2 so I knit from 1:30 to 2ish. Well, he got out early! PANIC when I saw the short yellow bus in front of the house just a couple of minutes after I picked up my knitting. So I shove it in my project bag and jam it in the space between the couch and wall.

I discovered another way of stolen time to knit. Well, I know it's not a new idea I just don't have many opportunities since I don't go many places. Drive around til toddler falls asleep, pull over and knit til she wakes up or I need to get home. Doesn't work well during the school day. I nap with her during her morning nap otherwise I don't make for a nice mommy in the afternoon when it's me and 3 kids (3 grumpy, tired, hungry kids) until daddy gets home at 6. The toddler also is ready for a second nap at about 2 on. It's difficult to get her down w/out falling asleep myself but having the 4 y/o run amuck is never a good idea. It gets pretty tense when it is time to make dinner. The joys of motherhood! Anyway my point is her nap time doesn't coincide well with my sans older kid time during the week. But, today I was able to drive around this morning, park at a beautiful country cemetary and knit for nearly an hour! BLISS! Then we went to my MIL1's house for fake Easter dinner and on the way back all 3 fell asleep and you guessed it! I pulled over and knit for about 30 minutes. And on Saturday I took my oldest to the park and knit in the van while the toddler slept. YES! Score for all involved. I will be updating this with pics here in a few. I hope!
My knitting views today:

OH and I am SO trendy! Or is it technologically advanced? Or geeky? Or all 3? I had discovered podcasts as previously blogged. I also have downloaded them to my MP3 player (way cool) AND for my bday (double 3 my hubby kept saying) he bought me a stereo w/ not only a cd player (imagine that? NO CD PLAYER!!!) but an aux plug for my mp3 player so as I knit by the cemetary or park I have been listening to Limenviolet's podcasts. They are a freaking riot! They are dirty, foul mouthed and unPC but I love them! They ramble on with some resemblence of a topic list but they get sidetracked much like myself. I envision myself with them sometimes because I can so relate to the potty mouth, trainwreck conversations only I tend to have w/ my husband because no one else likes to listen to me ramble and certainly usually don't appreciate my more colorful language. My amazing hubby just called me to dinner so I'm signing off. I may just get a spanking if I'm late to the dinner table.....

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Beverly said...

How wonderful to have a that love around. Makes the stolen moment even more precious.

Back in the day I used to have what you'd call a potty mouth. I accidently said the "B" word in front on one of my nieces who was a toddler and one day she started saying "B", "B", "B" without stopping. Cured me.