Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's Knitviews (oh, and yesterday's!)

I skipped my Tuesday yoga. I am getting desperate to finish Levi's blanket. I'm oh so close but his birthday is even closer! The sitter (Aunt TT) showed up as usual and away I went. I decided at the last minute that instead of going to yoga I would journey here:

and knit. So I knit and listened to LimenViolet for about an hour. I found out that it takes me about 12-15 minutes per round. UGH! Every few stitches I have to push them around the cable so that's part of the slow process. I will be happy once this blanket is done.
Today I snuck in a 20 minute nap before Levi went off to school which gave me just enough energy to not NEED to take a longer nap after he left. OTOH, for the Lu 20 minutes is NOT enough. She got cranky, I gathered up my knit bag, etc, swung through McD's (waiting for her to fall asleep) for a grilled chicken salad (YUM but why don't they have fat free ranch?) and sweet tea and headed here.

I didn't get ALOT of knitting done because I had to eat then I remembered at noon on the nose that my son's Easter/Spring party was at 12:15. But I did feel close to hubby. See way off in the distance? That's where he works.
I headed out and was driving along between the waters and out of nowhere is this flock of medium sized black bird things w/ long legs. I slow a little because, you know, birds FLY. Oh no NOT THESE BIRDS. I hit the brakes but couldn't swerve due to oncoming traffic and I think I took out 3 of them. Oh the guilt! The anguish. I called my hubby and he and the guys got a good laugh out of poor guilt ridden me.

Some quick yarn porn. This should be arriving soon. It left the California shipping center on the 6th, I think.

There are several skeins but I'm only receiving one of each color. Which is two skeins.


Sadie said...

Pretty yarn, and lovely views! I so want a house with a lake view. Or nestled in a quiet canyon with a stream. Or something! LOL

April Dawn said...

Oh me too! I'll have to settle for a view of sparse woods with a road down below for now though.