Sunday, April 5, 2009

OTN, socks and yarn for Livie :)

I'm just full of blogging tonight! Thought I'd share some photos. First up is Levi's Spiderman Blanket. I couldn't get a photo of all of it since it's on circs. There is another complete blue section and a partial of another blue section. The pattern has it ending with another 2 sections of red but I'm running out of time. I'm up to over 500 stitches per round and I'm lucky to get a round done in a day. 11 days til his bday. I'm also considering entering this at the fall fair. My aunt has entered things so maybe she'll pipe up with some ideas of what is required and who to contact for info. Anyway, here's the spidey blanket that so far I've been able to keep a secret from Levi.

Livie is always asking me to make her something, lately, since I'm making socks she's wanting socks. I found her some purty colored cheap sock yarn! Go mom! I bought these from Rav classified board specifically, SamplerStitcher. Red Heart and Sole tequila sunrise for 3 for $10.

Bernat Sox Multi crazy hot 4@2.50 ea

And Spinning Yarns "Confetti" for $11 shipped. May or may not make this for Livie. Maybe for me. :)

Oh and I yanked her pics so I hope she doesn't mind!!

Then I was bad. Oh so bad. But it was ohhh so good. On etsy I found these and couldn't resist!
Citrus Zest and Piazzi
. Usually that's about double what I'd pay for yarn but the day was a special day in my heart so to celebrate and lift my spirits at the same time I splurged.

Ok, on to my Lorna's Laces "Child's Play" socks. I have worn them several times. I wash them with towels or clothes and dry them in the dryer. No special treatment. They're a little fuzzy but otherwise are holding up so far.

An update of my tye dye socks. The pattern was for cuff down but I am doing these toe up and changed the repeats. So the pattern is technically upside down. I think I've cast on too few this time. Ay yi yi as Livie would say. Eventually I'll get it figured out.

Oh, here's some yarn I bought when I bought the tye dye. Yarntini.

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